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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Reach & Impact

Christianityworks’ television and radio programs are broadcast on well over a thousand stations in 160 countries around the world through the support of friends like you.

Not to mention the hundreds of thousands who visit this website each month. Or the tens of thousands of people who subscribe to the daily Fresh devotional, our podcasts and Bible reading plans

Through Christianityworks, the Gospel is heard across Asia, the Pacific, North America, Europe and Africa … God has given this ministry a global reach, and an amazing impact!

In fact each week, many millions of people will hear one or more Gospel messages through Christianityworks’ radio and television broadcasts. Each week, we receive so many emails, letters, phone calls, messages through social media … from people whose lives have been powerfully touched and transformed as they have received God’s Word into their hearts.

Every dollar that you give will grow to reach nearly 3,000 people with one or more Gospel messages in any given week. That’s the power of media!

So many lives are being transformed as people hear the Good News of Jesus through the radio programs that Christianityworks produces and distributes free of charge to so many radio stations around the globe.

That is why your support is so important. Lives depend on it!

But let’s remember, it’s not about building empires. Rather it’s all about growing the Kingdom of God. So it’s not so much about the numbers (they, after all, belong to God). It’s about seeing the lives of men, women and children changed one by one, as they hear about Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him.

And all this is something that we can only do through the support of friends just like you. So please watch this important video.



People sometimes ask us how we estimate the audience reach of Christianityworks. The truth is, that there’s no real scientific way of doing that.

Instead, we rely on what the larger networks and stations are able to tell us. Here are just a few examples:

  • Two satellite television stations in Africa (TBN and Faith Broadcasting Network) broadcast our television programs on DSTV (the major satellite TV platform in sub-Saharan Africa) and beyond, reaching into over 82.5 million households, including in the UK, Europe and the USA.
  • Our Amharic daily Bible teaching messages reach some 5 million listeners via short wave broadcasts each night across rural Ethiopia, in partnership with SIM.
  • ‘Moody Radio’ in the US broadcasts our radio messages to some one million weekly listeners through their 69 US stations, but also provides our Bible teaching content to more than 1,700 stations in places like Bermuda, Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, Turkey, Belgium, France and the West Indies.
  • ‘Your Network of Praise’ in the US broadcasts our messages on nearly 70 stations across 6 states in the USA, as well as on their New Life Africa Satellite Network which is picked up by dozens of stations across Africa.
  • Reach Beyond carries our daily Hindi Bible teaching messages right across India on their shortwave network.
  • We have seen over 700,000 thousand people subscribe to Christianityworks’ Bible reading plans on the YouVersion Bible App.
  • TWR (TransWorld Radio) carries our Mandarin programming on their shortwave network right across China.
  • We know that close to 100 stations are now broadcasting our French programs daily across West Africa.
  • Some 70,000 people subscribe to the Fresh daily devotional email in English, Afrikaans and other languages.
  • Several hundred thousand receive Bible teaching messages daily through messaging apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, etc) in various different languages including Amharic (Ethiopia), Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Kanada and Telugu (India), isiZulu (South Africa) and Mandarin (China and beyond).

Based on this information (and much more from other networks, stations and digital channels) Christianityworks is comfortable in estimating that it reaches some 10 million people each week with the Good News of Jesus … but those numbers belong to God. Our job, is faithfully to teach the Bible in the media.