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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Changed Lives

We’re passionate about seeing countless lives transformed one by one, as we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the media around the world. Faithful to the Scriptures + intensely relevant to the things people are dealing with in their lives. 

Each week literally millions of people in 160 countries watch the television programs and listen to the radio programs that we produce. Each month tens of thousands visit this website, to watch and listen to the messages and receive free copies of the booklets that we produce.

So not surprisingly, we receive so many letters, emails, messages on social media and phone calls, telling us what an impact God is having through the ministry of Christianityworks in transforming people’s lives.

Here are just a few that are typical of what people have said. Thank you for remembering that this powerful impact, is only possible through the support of friends like you.



rebel fighter lays down his gun

The national Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo-Kinshasa, DROC) - adopted on 20th February 2006. (Not to be confused with the neighbouring Republic of the Congo)

Democratic Republic of the Congo

I who are writing this note to you was a colonel in PARECO, one of the rebels group here in North Kivu (Congo).

Recently I was attending a peace conference in Goma, while in my hotel room I turned on the radio!  Your program A Different Perspective was on. As I was listening to it, I realised that with no fear of God in hearts of people, there will be no peace!  No peace at all…

This 8 minutes were enough to take me to a turning point of my life as well as in my peace effort in this region.  After this challenging and touching program of yours, I left that room as a changed man.

I’ve been on battle field for 13 years now, I don’t know how many people have died because of my gun, but what I know is that I decided to lay down my arms.  Right now I am on a process of getting all staff of a guerillero in my life through a church in Goma .

Every week I listen to both A Different Perspective and Christianityworks programs and they build up my faith on this process.

Thank you for making this programs available to me and my own people.   God be with you!

Safari Murinzi


Gospel of Hope in a Refugee Camp

Sierra Leonean Flag HD Background - Flag of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

I am living and ministering in refugee camp.  There is so much pain and misery here.

Every topic you cover touches me.  You bring me to tears, laughter, to deep thought, to realizing that I am worthy. You have wonderful programs and present it especially well.

Please keep up the great work; we all need you out here in radio land.

Pastor Gabriel


a new believer discovers grace


I’m only a new Christian and I’ve been with the Lord probably about 10 weeks and I’d been going great guns – and then I went out drinking and I told my friend I wasn’t sure if I could be a Christian anymore.  I felt real terrible about it and I thought I’d really blown the whole thing with God.

It’s only when you came on the radio tonight that I realised that’s why Jesus died for me.  I want to say God bless you guys and thank God for His grace.  God bless ya man, God bless ya. It was really awesome tonight.



woman pulled back from the brink of suicide

3D rendition of the UK flag on satin textile texture.

United Kingdom

I feel compelled to email you and thank you for saving my life today.

I love Jesus, but have been wondering (as countless others also) how can I be a Christian but frankly struggle with living.

While I was listening to the radio, I was writing my farewell letters to my beloved husband and precious daughter, trying to explain how I was so sorry, and that I loved them so very much but I just could not find the strength to live another day. I had it all planned, they are out for the day, I have the letters almost written and the pills ready.

Then I hear your Christianityworks “a different perspective” theme tune and your voice saying “hang in there”. You then recite the very chapter that I have clung to for so long, John 15, with my favourite verse… “you didn’t choose me but I (Jesus) chose you”.

That was literally 50 minutes ago, and though the tears are still flowing and the pain of depression is still very present and pressing, I have disposed of the letters and the pills and am going to cling to His nourishing vine of love and “hang in there” for another day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your wonderful words of wisdom and that different perspective.



man brought back to christ

Flag of New Zealand waving in the wind

New Zealand

I was just driving in the car and I don’t know why I did it but, something made me flick the radio on and I just happened to catch your programme – “A Different Perspective.” I was really encouraged. I’ve been away from God for about 2 ½ years.  It was real perfect timing.

What you said really spoke to me and it really felt like God was speaking to me through you. Thanks very much for doing what you doing.

Actually, now I really want to go home now and read my Bible and draw close to God. Thanks again so much.



peace amidst persecution


Thank you for your website us.christianityworks.com.

It’s one of most important resources I have to receive God’s help and guidance through the radio programs.

I can listen to online – it makes me peaceful and released when I finish my day in difficult situations. Things are not easy here were I live.



a broken marriage restored


I have been separated from my wife for three years – it is the worst time of my life.

After last Saturday’s Christianityworks program, I was so much touched by God’s love for us. I rang my wife and we spoke for the first time in a year.

In Rwanda we have proverb that a man does not cry.

But I was crying and my wife was crying too that we ended up forgiving each other and agreed to consider to be reunited as wife and husband again.

Thank you to the team at Christianityworks.



why I have been supporting christianityworks for 50 years

3d render.


It is now over 50 years since I first began to support Christianityworks (formerly Back to the Bible) by prayer and financial gifts.


Because I am convinced that Christianityworks’ Radio Broadcasts are a vital means of making the Gospel known.

They can reach “shut-ins” and isolated Christians. They can reach into areas where missionaries simply cannot go. They can gain access into closed countries, freely crossing borders without restraint.

Through Christianityworks … the Gospel cannot be silenced!

If you too support Christianityworks you do well, for radio outreach is absolutely vital to help fulfil the Lord’s command to go into all the world and preach the Gospel  (Mark 16:15).