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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Pray for God's People to Rise Up in Loving Defiance

May Prayer Focus

Have you ever felt that all the negativity doing the rounds these days – the doom & gloom, the divisive identity politics, the geopolitical tensions, the wars – is drowning out the good news – the stunningly good news – of Jesus?

Perhaps so, but there’s nothing new in any of that.

Jesus Himself was bombarded by the same dark negativity, beginning with the devil trying to tempt Him in the wilderness, through to standing before Pontius Pilot and indeed as He was brutally nailed to that Cross.

His response to all of that?

He answered, “It is written, ‘Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.’ ” (Matthew 4:4)

In short, Jesus lived a life of defiant faith. And that’s why it has never been more important, amidst all the negativity swilling round in people’s lives today, to share the Word of God, so that His people would rise up in the very same spirit of loving defiance to shine His light into our dark world.

So thank you for praying together with us. Here are some specific prayer points for you to bring before the Lord this month:

      • Pray for the Word of God as it is proclaimed through the media by Christianityworks, to speak the life-changing truth of the Gospel into the hearts of God’s people so that more and more, they would become His torchbearers amidst the darkness that shrouds the world. 
      • Pray especially for those who will this month hear about Jesus for the first time through Christianityworks’ radio, television and digital broadcasts. May the Holy Spirit truly shine the Light of God – Jesus – into their hearts so that they would be saved and see their lives transformed mightily for His glory.
      • Pray for those who are being persecuted for their faith in Jesus that the radio broadcasts that they receive in secret would so light up their world that the joy of the Lord would overwhelm them amidst the serious challenges that they face.
      • Pray for the faithful friends who support the ministry of Christianityworks, that the Lord would prepare their hearts to give generously towards the Defiant Faith Appeal, so that the June 30 goal would be met to enable countless more lives to be touched and transformed as together, we proclaim Christ to the nations through the media. 
      • Give thanks for the amazing team of translators spread across the globe, who contextualise Bible teaching messages into their own cultures, so that many more can hear about Jesus in their mother-tongue … from Amharic (Ethiopia) to Zulu (South Africa) … from Bahasa (Indonesia) to Hindi (India) … and many more languages. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide and inspire them in this vital ministry.
      • Give thanks for the leadership of Christianityworks as they continue earnestly to seek God’s will in being faithful stewards of His ministry and the resources that He provides through His people. May God continue to have them on their knees in holiness and sincere dedication as His servants in His ministry.
      • Pray for the friends of Christianityworks whose prayer brings so much of God’s power to bear – to break down barriers, to open new doors and to provide the resources needed to tell millions each week of the many-splendoured love of God in Jesus Christ, about whom the prophets wrote, and the psalmists sang. May God reward all those who partner with Christianityworks in abundance, as only He can.

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