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A weekly, half hour message that unpacks the richness and power of God’s Word in the context of life’s realities. Christianity actually works!




A Different Perspective:

A daily 10 minute program that explores the issues of life – things that really matter to you day to day – from … a different perspective


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eDevotional Archive:

A daily Scripture verse, some words of encouragement and a 60 second audio messages delivered to your in tray each weekday





2 to 3 minute video spots that will not only touch you, but that you can use in a church service, Bible study groups, youth group, wherever …


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Radio Stations:

With all the stations that Christianityworks’ messages are heard on, it is near on impossible to list them all. This page gives it our best shot!



We love sharing the Word of God with you and so many other people around the world. Why?

Because God’s Word – when we take it in, when we believe it as though it’s meant for us, when we let the Holy Spirit write it on our hearts … when we actually apply it to the day-to-day realities, triumphs and challenges of life – is completely and utterly life changing.

That’s why we do what we do here at Christianityworks.

That’s why we produce over 500 different radio programs each year that share the amazing love of God into the practical realities of life. That’s why we broadcast those programs on over 1,100 radio stations in 160 countries around the world.

So here in the Broadcasts Section you can listen to all our Bible teaching radio programs, as well as watching some of our TV broadcasts. Be blessed as you receive God’s Word!