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Series: Are You a Blessing or a Burden? (Pt 3)

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There seem to be basically two types of people in this world – those who are a blessing and those who are a burden; those who are an asset and those who are a liability; those who are part of the solution and those who are part of the problem. Which sort of person are you? In this series – Are You a Blessing or a Burden – Berni Dymet helps us to discover how we can truly become a mighty blessing in other people’s lives.

Episode 1. Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

There are two ways of looking at a glass of water – either it’s half empty or half full. What’s your natural perspective? Why does it matter – because our perspective is going to determine …

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Episode 2. Are You Looking for a Fight?

Some people seem to spend their lives looking for a fight. It seems that at all ages, in most places, bullying is alive and well. On a scale of 0 to 10 – how argumentative are you? Join Berni, as …

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Episode 3. Full of Hope

Without hope, let’s face it, life is pretty hopeless. People with hope in their hearts confront the challenges of today with a spirit of anticipation about tomorrow. And those people are a might …

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Episode 4. The Honest Trader

It really annoys me when you buy one of those big boxes of cereal at the supermarket only to find that it’s half full of air when you open it at home. There’s something about being an honest …

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Episode 5. Slow to Anger

We all get angry sometimes – some more than others, depending on our personality type. The real question is how quickly do you react with anger – because it’s the speed of our anger that …

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