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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel (Pt 1)

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Life is full of awkward transitions from things we know and understand, to things that we don’t. Often we feel as though we’re on an uncomfortable journey with an uncertain destination. How effectively we cope with those transitions, has a lot to do with the sort of life that we’re going to end up living. Because, well, let’s face it, it seems that just about our whole life, we’re going through some sort of transition.
So join Berni in God’s Word, and discover the powerful words that God has to speak into your uncomfortable journey to that uncertain destination.

Episode 1. An Improbable Journey

When things aren’t going all that well in life, the idea that God wants to bless us, that He wants to take us on a journey towards something better, seems somewhere between improbable and …

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Episode 2. An Uncertain Destination

Sometimes we’d rather stick with what we’ve got (even when it’s not that great) than step out on an uncomfortable journey to an uncertain destination. But if you want to follow Jesus, well … …

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Episode 3. An Impatient Heart

When things aren’t going along all that well for us, what we really want to do is to go to God and have a whinge. God, Why, how long, how can you let this happen to me. Problem is, if we’re …

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Episode 4. The View From Heaven's Balcony

When there’s an 800lb, big, hairy, ugly gorilla blocking our way, all we can see is the 800ln big, hairy, ugly gorilla. We know that God’s much bigger, much more powerful – we know that. But do …

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Episode 5. Wake Up to the Future

When we’re plodding through life, head down, immersed In the grind, even the dull ache of our present reality, it’s as though we’re asleep to the amazing future God has planned for you. And …

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