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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Running the Race Winning the Prize (1)

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What a tragedy it is seeing so many people pouring their lives into so many things, that at the end of the day, aren’t worth having. The father who sacrifices his life to his work and misses out on his family. People running races to win prizes that aren’t worth having. It’s time to stop and make sure that you’re running in the right race. That’s what this series is all about. Opening God’s Word and running – the grace race.

Episode 1. So Many Races

Each one of us is running some sort of a race in our lives. A race that we’re trying desperately to win. So let me ask you – what race are you running, really? And when you finish it, will it get …

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Episode 2. Delusion and Delay

There are people in this world who are following Jesus … well, they want to follow Jesus, well … one day, one day they’ll get around to following Jesus. Tomorrow. That’s right. I’ll start …

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Episode 3. Number One

Here’s a question for you: who is number one in your life? Is it you, is it God, is it someone or something else? Because it’s only when we answer that question, the we can really start to get a …

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Episode 4. An Apparent Contradiction

What does being a Christian mean to you? Is it all about God’s grace? Is that the beginning and the end? Or is it about doing good things, obeying God? Or is it both perhaps? Where do you sit on …

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Episode 5. The Grace Race

I honestly think that the single hardest idea to wrap our minds around in this world is God’s grace. Not because it’s at all complicated. It’s not. It couldn’t be simpler. It’s just that …

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I am a runner, so this devotional was very applicable to me because it helped me to focus on the reason why I love running. Not only do I get all the physical health benefits from it, but as I attend a running group and a personal training group, I get an opportunity to speak to a whole other group of people who don’t know Jesus. I get to be salt and light to your ordinary average Australians who from the outside look like they have pretty content lives, but who lack real and lasting peace. They have everything, but are spiritually bereft. I get the privilege of listening to them, while I run with them. So I run for God and His call. Thank you Bernie for your insights they are spot on all the time.


Thank you for this insight. One way I try to ascertain whether I am on the right track, is to tune into my inner world. Do I feel happy and content with what I am doing? Is it worthwhile? I, at times, fall into the trap of competing or comparing. A stark reminder of this was when my eldest left school. We tried to steer him into what we viewed as a financially secure field, where he would be able to support a family one day but he was very unhappy. So eventually, we let him do what he wanted simply because we couldn’t bear to see him so unhappy. And now, he is in a field where he is happy, he is able to support a family. He may never have riches but he certainly has richness.


Thank you so much for the msg needed the confirmation. It assisted in understanding where God wants me.


Thank you for helping me refocus onto the race that has eternal value. God bless you.

Janelle Ellem

Thank you for these words of wisdom today. So needed to read this today! I feel like life is a competition and it is stressful! I love to play sport and my children play sport but it is not always about winning – it’s how the game is played. I get tired of people always competing with me as a Mum, in my workplace, what I wear and even in my church. Looking forward to reading more this week.