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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Who is Jesus (Pt 1)

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There are so many different things, people and ideologies claiming to have the answers. Well – what about Jesus? If He walked into the room right now, what would He be like? What would He do? What would He say?Join Berni Dymet as he explores those questions ….from a different perspective

Episode 1. Calling Fishermen

You can tell a lot about a person, by looking at the people they surround themselves with. So – who did Jesus surround Himself with – and what does it tell us about Him? Join Berni Dymet as he …

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Episode 2. Preaching Tour

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One of the things I really hate – is when people preach at me. Jesus did a lot of preaching in His day – but it was different. It was real and profound. It touched people. Why? Join Berni Dymet …

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Episode 3. Cleansing the Leper

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Sometimes, “religion” can make us feel like lepers. Outcasts. Unworthy. Valueless. Back in Jesus – there were lots of lepers. Outcasts. How did He treat them? Join Berni Dymet as he looks at …

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Episode 4. Dinner with a Sinner

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Taxes. We all pay them – they’re a fact of life. But what if the tax collectors were dishonest. What if they collected tax for an occupying power and lined their own pockets. How would we feel …

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Episode 5. Healing Hand

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Most times – the law is good. Sometimes, it’s an ass. Imagine if there was a law against helping someone. What would you do? What would I do? What would Jesus do? Join Berni Dymet as he looks at …

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Julie Camilleri

Hi Berni, I’ve been following you for a while now including watching your webinar. (I’m the one who asked about which day is the real Sabbath day).
Your question in this series of “What would Jesus be like?” Well thats a real doozy of a question which had me deeply thinking, because right now, right here in this day & age I have absolutely no idea.
We like to call ourselves Christians & yet we berate each each regarding whether or not we should have a vaccination for a terrible virus. I have seen it literally pull family & friends apart with deep sadness. We think we are so much better than our fellow man, we look down on those less fortunate, we rape, murder, steal, abuse, we even use plastic surgery or hair dyes to change our appearances not acknowledging that growing older is not just a privilege given to some but a blessing to share your life with others.
What would Jesus be like? I think maybe, He would be very sad. Very sad indeed but I also think He would stand tall & go fishing once again for His fishers of men


A Different Perspective – Who is Jesus Series?
Read this sentence this morning from A Different Perspective – Who is Jesus Series? Part 1
“If he were to walk into my life or your life right now, what would he be like?”

I always had the thought If He were to walk into my life right now – what will He find….

But this question – “If he were to walk into my life or your life right now, what would he be like?” totally threw it all into a different perspective!

“What would He be like?” Needless to say, I spent a long time pondering this – I concluded as for me, He would be like what I needed Him most to be like at that moment in my life.


I heard one of your teaching on our national christian radio broadcaster ‘Radio Pulpit’ and am intrigued with the manner of how you bring the message of the gospel across to listeners.

Simon wade

Hi I came across your talks on Premier Christian Radio here in the UK and intend using the “Who is Jesus” series as the basis for our talks at our church youth group. Christ Church Rugby UK. Thanks for the inspiration and may God bless your ministry. Simon