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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: A Confident Life in Uncertain Times

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We live in a world that’s changing so quickly. There are so many choices and challenges in life. And so many people find that all of the change and the uncertainty eat away at them. Uncertainty can be like a cancer – it can drain the life out of us.

In this Series, Berni Dymet opens up God’s word – 1 Peter, a letter written to people living in uncertain times, and discovers that God’s plan is for us to live a confident life. A life of abundant grace and peace.

Episode 1. Climate Change

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Ever felt like the world is running out of control? Like life is out of control? Nothing seems certain anymore – and those fears and uncertainties just eat away at you. Join Berni, as he takes a …

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Episode 2. I Feel Like an Exile

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Have you ever felt out of place? A bit like an exile in a foreign land, like you don’t belong. We all feel that sometimes – and you know something, my hunch is that God’s in that thing …

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Episode 3. I Hope It Rains Tomorrow

Hope is a funny thing. It’s meant to be a certainty that something good is going to happen. But too often, hope is replaced by uncertainty, doubt… even fears. Hope becomes a hit and miss …

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Episode 4. Holy, Holy, Holy

It’s a funny thing – but when what we believe doesn’t line up with how we live, then what we believe becomes less and less relevant. All of a sudden, faith… turns into a nagging uncertainty. …

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Episode 5. Love and Obey

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We’ve all heard that saying about lying straight in bed at night. It turns out that the way that we live our lives, has a lot to do with the confidence, or alternately the uncertainty that we feel …

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Lynne Mitchell

I thank God for your ministry and for bringing your common sense approach to modern-day life issues into line with God’s word. I am a new Christian of 3 years and am still learning. Your Fresh devotional messages in my inbox every day help me to grow in Christ.

Elias Casano

Dear GOD, please bless and keep us all. IN JESUS NAME, AMEN.