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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Don't Miss God's Opportunities (1)

Life is a journey with a whole bunch of ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like one long roller coaster ride. But God has this habit of placing a dream in our hearts, a calling if you will. And that dream gives us a new set of eyes, to see things from God’s perspective. That dream helps us identify God–given opportunities along the way. But so many people miss out on God’s opportunities. What a tragedy. So join Berni Dymet in this series to help you see those God–given opportunities.

Episode 1. God-Given Opportunities

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As you look back on your life so far it might amaze you to think about the huge changes in direction that your life has taken based on seemingly small decisions that you made along the way. In fact the more you think about it the more the mind boggles. I wonder if you can […]

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Episode 2. Dreams of Greatness

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We all have dreams for our life, you do and I do. Hopes and dreams are in a sense what keep us going when the going is not quite what we want it to be. But sometimes those dreams are shattered. When we’re young we have dreams for how we want our lives to turn […]

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Episode 3. A Fall from Grace

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So you have a dream for your life – great we all have dreams. Perhaps it’s even a dream that God put in your heart but for every dream we have in our hearts there’s someone or something out there that wants to shatter the dream. Yesterday on the program we were talking about the […]

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Episode 4. Sold Into Slavery

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The official statistics tell us that there are around twenty million slaves in the world today. Unofficially the experts tell us there are close to a hundred million. That’s staggering but forget the statistics let’s just bring it down to one. Could you imagine being sold into slavery? Can you imagine what that would be […]

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Episode 5. Punished for Doing the Right Thing

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There’s nothing worse than being punished for doing the right thing. You remember when it happened to you as a kid? In fact you’ve probably had it happen to you as an adult as well. Makes you want to toss in the towel, ‘If that’s the way they’re going to treat me why bother?’ Well […]

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Berni Dymet

God’s timing is always perfect isn’t it? You can either choose to believe your circumstances or God’s Word – and God’s Word says that He has a mighty plan for your life – Eph 2:10. My suggestion? Go with God’s Word. 🙂


Thankyou Berni Yes I feel Our lord is challenging me. My life has done a lot of changes and I can see myself getting strong as I am learning to trust and let go of a lot of worldly worries. Like money, needing a lot to have a house, putting work before family saying to ourselves we are working like this for our children. While we are fit and young what are most families doing putting our children to after school care while we work like dogs to pay off our high stand of living. I feel blessed what the lord has shown me. I have time to help others by being a volunteer as well has having a little job in the school hour and being involved in our parish. thanks again Berni for all your work and the timing is right.

Jun Lozada

Thank you for spreading the light of God’s love throughout the world enveloped by darkness.

I was slowly getting tired and being overwhelmed by the darkness of injustice and corruption. The dark seems to always have the upper hand despite all the efforts to stand firm with the light. These series about Joseph and about holding on the dream that God gave him despite the adversity he experienced, has given me a new perspective and strength in facing the battles challenges ahead. I shall hold on the dream that God planted in my heart. And hope to see my fellow Filipinos live in dignity someday, especially those who are living under inhumane conditions brought about by economic poverty.

Once again, may God bless you and keep you!


I was just talking to The Lord coming home in the car about what to do regarding a certain opportunity.
Thought I’d check my Emails before getting into my days work.
The title of this series caught my eye and although I didn’t want to prioritise these Emails now, I couldn’t help feeling that this can’t just be ‘random chance’ that this turns up within a few minutes of that prayer… so I have listened to the first of this series with great interest.
Looking expectantly to what God is going to speak into my life about the issues on my mind presently as I listen to the others later.
Thank you Lord for your ‘ever so right timing’ with our everyday affairs!


Dear Berni, Thank you very much for the message. I started reading this message from Episode one and I couldn’t stop from just one. Kept on reading it. Very well written and Thanks again.

God be with you, Emmanuel


wow Berni what a start to the story 🙂
Thank You and God bless you

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