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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: So… How’s Your Self-Image Looking? (Part 1)

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Poor self–esteem is a global pandemic. Too many people are living with deep insecurities that are robbing them of the abundant life that Jesus died and rose again to bring them. Do you know anybody like that? If so – then this series is for you.

So join Berni Dymet in this new series – How’s Your Self–Image Looking? – and discover the liberating image that God is prepared to give you. It will completely transform your life!

Episode 1. Distorted Mirror Syndrome

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One of the most important, the most profound, the most fundamental influences on our lives is how we see ourselves. And let me say, how we see ourselves, isn’t always that healthy. So … what sort …

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Episode 2. An Accurate Picture

One of the single, most important things that influences our lives – either positively or negatively – is how we perceive ourselves. Our self-image. So often we soak up a distorted self-image …

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Episode 3. Don’t Be Squeezed

One of the most horrible, grotesque things that I see in this world is when someone lives their life in the straitjacket of the expectations of others. You may think that I’m overstating the case a …

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Episode 4. Something Remarkable About You

Self–image is a struggle for many people. It’s so easy to get the wrong picture of yourself and suffer from either low self–esteem or pride. You see it all the time. But there’s something …

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Episode 5. Overcoming Insecurity

So … when you look in the mirror, do you like what you see or do you, like many people loath what you see? Hmm? When you see yourself in a photo, how do you react? Or hear your voice in a recording …

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