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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: The Week Leading Up to Easter

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For most of us, Easter just comes and goes. We’ve done it before…. lots of times. We know the story. We know how it ends. Of course, we know it’s important – the Easter thing – but experiencing the reality, that’s quite another thing. In this series, Berni takes a look at the weeks leading up to that first Easter, as well as the events of that one, crucial weekend – the turning point of history. With a fresh spark. Through a fresh set of eyes. So join Berni on a journey to discover a new life, in Jesus Christ.

Episode 1. A Foot Bath

Bitterness is something that we sometimes carry around in our hearts. And so often – we don’t even realise that this root of bitterness has taken hold in our lives. What is it and what can we do …

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Episode 2. Joy and Peace are Yours

Bitterness and anger can become a habit – an attitude that grips our lives. It’s like a venom that pumps through our veins. Fortunately though, there is an antidote. God made certain of that. …

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Episode 3. The Prayer of Jesus

Every now and then – we all throw a temper tantrum. And so often it’s over the craziest little things. A hot temper isn’t a good look. So – how do we deal with it? How can we conquer it? Join …

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Episode 4. Betrayal Arrest Trial

It is so easy to go from cool, calm and collected one minute into a temper tantrum in the very next. Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde. But God has some really practical advice as to how to handle that …

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Episode 5. Then They Nailed Him to the Cross

Anger is an interesting thing – it comes from our sense of justice. Even God gets angry. Problem is, sometimes our sense of justice can be a little distorted. So when we experience anger – what …

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Ian Mcleod

Just finished the daily devotional
Thank you so much for this good Friday message
God bless you and everyone at Christianityworks

Donna Berry

I cried that our Blessed Lord Jesus even as God had more humanity than all of humanity put together. Praise to Him. Thank you. Sorry this is late.

Berni Dymet

Amen Doug! God is here with you every step of the way. -Berni

Joanna Lockwood

How Great is our God Berni! Thank you so much for this bringing us truly before God and thanking Him and pressing into Jesus’ presence and really understanding how awesome what Jesus has done for us is and the peace and joy that brings. How beautiful His prayer is. He is risen indeed. God bless all of you and all your families and those that are to come.


bernie, I am humbled. And thank you, too, you faithful servant of God.

Cheryl D.

Excellent! Your perspective is always out of the usual spiritual box; that’s what I love about your ministry. A tremendous blessing to the world, thank you!

Yes, Jesus prayer was for us, His passion, God’s passion has always been His people. This message should also remind us that the pressures of life are not meant to kill us but bring out the best in us. How great is our God!


Than you for this reminder Bernie. Here I am struggling to understand how I lost my job and feeling so spiritually eroded. And I hear this prayer my saviour prays before being given into the hands of men to die for our sins. Gives me strength to pick up my cross and walk again towards my salvation ( the will of my Father)


Amen thank you Berni for sharing the Lord works with so many people may God bless you I pray that many more people will be saved Jesus is my Lord and saviour


Thank you Berni, that was beautiful and the Truth shall set us free. Praise God for His love and mercy. God bless you and protect you always in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen!


Thank you for blessing me with this timely reminder. Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN

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