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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Your Road to Spiritual Victory (1)

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One of the things that the Bible promises us over and over again, is spiritual victory. We aren’t just conquerors God tells us, but more than conquerors. Spiritual victory is one of the main things that Jesus died and rose again to give us. So why is it that so many Christians are living a life without that victory?

Join Berni Dymet this week as he opens God’s Word to discover God’s truth and put your life back on the road to spiritual victory! 

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Episode 1. God's Grace

On planet earth today, right at this moment, there are around two and a half billion people who would call themselves Christians. But the vast majority of those are not living in the spiritual …

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Episode 2. Your Identity

You can’t have spiritual victory in this world if you don’t know who you really are. And way to many people who call themselves Christians, really haven’t a clue of the amazing new identity …

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Episode 3. It’s Time to Repent

Elite athletes don’t become elite athletes overnight. They discover a talent, and then they set about training and sacrificing, changing their diets, their whole way of life, just to win the prize …

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Episode 4. The Power of Prayer

Question: how long do expect a marriage to last, in which the husband and wife barely communicate? How well do you expect that marriage to handle all the stresses and strains of life? Pretty obvious …

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Episode 5. Death and Resurrection

God has gone to rather a lot of trouble to have His love letter to you and to me written and then accurately preserved down through the centuries. So then why is it that so many Christians treat …

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