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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: On Solid Ground

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So many people spend so much time in their lives travelling through stormy waters – they yearn to have their feet on solid ground. And yet, it’s hard to figure out exactly how to do that. In this series, Berni opens God’s Word to discover that there’s a link between how we respond to God and what happens in our lives.This series strikes right at the core of one of the key problems in our lives – how to live a life of victory in Christ.

Episode 1. It Starts in a Storm

When the storms in life inevitably come, what we really need is some solid ground beneath our feet. And fortunately, God knows that. Why don’t you join Berni Dymet, this week on Christianityworks …

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Episode 2. If You Can't Change the People

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We tend to see the world room where we are. We want everyone and everything else to fit in with us. But God, well, He doesn’t quite see it that way.. Why don’t you join Berni Dymet, this week on …

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Episode 3. Pushing God Away

It’s so easy to look at God and decide, well I want that part of Him – but not that bit. And definitely not that bit. Seems we want Him on our terms – but He doesn’t work that way. Join Berni …

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Episode 4. Choose Your King

When the storms of life hit, want we want we instinctively do is grab a life vest, instead of turn to the one who can stop the storm. So, who is the Lord of our lives? Join Berni Dymet this week of …

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Berni Dymet

Hi Tyler, may the Lord bless you in your new faith in Him. This whole website is here for you – especially the Media Lounge, where you can search thousands of messages to find exactly what you need for whatever you’re going through today. So please, check it out and spend time each day with Jesus, in His Word the Bible and in quiet faith-filled prayer. May He lead you on an amazing transformation to help you become all that He made you to be. [email protected]

tyler bennett

I am very newly devoted Christian and my love for our lord and the way he helped me through a storm I would be interested in any knowledge or information that Will help me past on the word of god to other people who may need salvation.

Deborah Ramos

I havent been able to go to Church because of the present epidemic. Reading the daily verse is another way of staying connected with God. Besides saying my prayers.

Yvonne Zackery

I think your bible studies that I’ve heard so far are very interesting and straight Bible knowledge and I am very interested in continuing with your studies, although I am SDA learning and studying the word of God. Go bless you. Thank you very much.