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Series: Kiss Me Like You Mean It

Marriage is supposed to be the most sublime and wondrous of all human relationships. And most marriages start out that way. But hereís a shocking statistic. That initial passion disappears at some point, in 100% of marriages. 100%. Can it ever be recaptured? Can it become even richer and deeper?The answer is a huge, resounding YES!! God has a plan. He has the wisdom. And in fact He’s dedicated a whole book of the Bible to explaining the passionate love between a man and a woman.

And that’s what this teaching series- inspired by Dr David Clarke’s book “Kiss My Like You Mean It”- is all about.

Episode 1. Having the Marriage You Were Meant to Have

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Now let me ask you, if you’re married who or what are you putting ahead of your husband or your wife? Come on, what is it that’s crept in to supplant them from being your Number-1 person on the planet. Because I bet you anything, that there’s something. And when we each deal with that something, […]

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Episode 2. Making Mountains Out of Molehills

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Anyone who’s been married for any length of time will tell you that the differences in their married partner that they once found endearing and funny at some point became incredibly annoying. Why is that? And if you relate to that, what can we do about it?   When The Differences Become Annoying When I […]

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Episode 3. Making Sense of the Differences

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Men, have you ever noticed how your wife wants to describe her day in minute detail? And women, have you ever noticed how men talk in dot points and executive summaries? Let’s see how that one profound difference can be a blessing, and not a curse.   The Lesson of Attentiveness My daughter Melissa works […]

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Episode 4. Loving Ain’t Always That Easy

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They say that marriage is all about give and take – you know, 50-50. That’s the prevailing wisdom, but … well, what if it’s wrong? What if 50-50 doesn’t work? What if 50-50 gets us a 50-50 result, then what? Well it turns out that God has a much, much better plan.   Why 50-50 […]

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Thanks Berni for this set of Videos “Kiss Me Like You Mean It”. My marriage has been a real struggle for some time, and this has given some good points in which to use/apply/live out to improve things. It’s not going to be easy I know, and I’ll be doing this one-sided as husband not a Christian so not likely to want to listen to this, but giving it a go as don’t want to give up on marriage!

Berni Dymet

Sarah, the single, most powerful thing that you can do is to pray. The second is to live your life as a witness of Christ’s love. Nagging will never work, but …. 1 Peter 3:1-6 will. Blesssings – [email protected]

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