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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: When the Lion Roars

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We live in a world where so many terrible things are taking place. Wars, atrocities, exploitation, starvation not to mention the political and ideological difference tearing nations, societies and families apart. So many terrible things, that it’s easy to come to the conclusion that God may well have lost the plot. And in any case, we’re completely powerless to change things. And yet, neither of those things are true!

Join Berni Dymet in this Series of Christianityworks – When the Lion Roars – to discover God’s plans for these last days – both for the world and for you!

Episode 1. The Psychology and Theology of Fear

There are so many bad things happening in the world around us – wars and terrorism, poverty and deprivation, slavery and exploitation, and on and on, that many of us have a sense of fear about …

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Episode 2. The Power of Action

Fear does one of two things – we have a fight or flight response to fear. And when we live with chronic fear, this constant fight or flight response is debilitating. You’ll find the words “ do …

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Episode 3. The Power in You

With all of the terrible events that seem to be sweeping the globe at the moment, you and I, we can feel so powerless to make a difference. But … would it surprise you to know that right now, you …

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Episode 4. The Power of Truth and Sacrifice

Truth these days is no longer thought to be absolute. Black and white has become many shades of grey it seems. And yet God’s Word will stand forever. God’s Word isn’t an opinion, it’s not …

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Di Zuurbier

This is awesome🙏

Cherie Williams

I would like to receive fresh.

Robin Densley

My friend, Therese Toshack, has been receiving your daily devotionals for sometime now, & has shared some with me.

I asked her to request a daily edevotional for me too.
Many thanks. Robin Densley.