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Tread the Right Path

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Proverbs 12:28 Along the path of goodness there is life; that is the way to live forever.

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Life’s journey comes with many twists and turns and a good many forks in the road. Doubtless you can look back and see how a small decision to go this way instead of that completely changed the course of your life.

Many years ago, when I’d been a Christian for like, five minutes, I stumbled across a rather unimpressive little church building. I decided to give it a spin, so I rocked along the following Sunday.

To my harsh eyes and hard heart, inside was every bit as unimpressive as outside. But through those wonderful people, God completely transformed my life. One Sunday morning, I picked up a brochure for a local Bible college and decided to do a Bachelor of Ministry, as you do when you’ve been a Christian for five minutes.

And here you and I are, together, all those years later – me with the privilege of sharing the Good News of Jesus with you. Go figure! Two small decisions. Massive ramifications.

I honestly didn’t think all that much about them. I made them instinctively. But how do you choose, how should you choose the right path when you come to a fork in the road, as you inevitably will?

Proverbs 12:28 Along the path of goodness there is life; that is the way to live forever.

Always choose the path of goodness. The more you follow Jesus, the more instinctive the whole idea of goodness, or righteousness as it is in the original Hebrew, becomes. Following Jesus is like on-the-job training that teaches you what goodness and righteousness look like.

So given the choice, choose the path of goodness. That’s where life’s really at. That’s how you’ll live forever.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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