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以赛亚书60:22 至小的族要加增千倍,微弱的国必成为强盛。我耶和华要按定期速成这事。

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Have you ever felt locked in your circumstances? It feels like a straitjacket, right? If feels as though nothing’s ever going to change; as though you are going to be stuck in this particular spot forever!

There was a time when Israel had been stuck in exile in Babylon as slaves for close on seventy years. Seventy years! That’s a long time. And since Babylon was the world power back in the day, you bet ya it felt like nothing was ever going to change.

So God sent the Prophet Isaiah to convince them that things were about to change; that He was about to do something mighty that none of them could even contemplate – to set them free and return them to the Promised Land.

And if you read the last twenty-six chapters of the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament you discover that through the Prophet, God had to do rather a lot of persuading. Because when you’ve been stuck in slavery for three generations, you’d be pretty convinced that nothing was ever going to change. Listen to God and, I pray, hear Him speaking into your life too:

Isaiah 60:22 The smallest family will become a large family group. The smallest tribe will become a powerful nation. When the time is right, I, the LORD, will come quickly. I will make these things happen.

From small to large, from tribe to powerful nation, from slavery to restoration – that’s what God’s promising them. But when, O Lord, when will you get us out of this mess? How will you do it? Answer?

When the time is right, I, the LORD, will come quickly. I will make these things happen.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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