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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks


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希伯来书4:1,2 我们既蒙留下有进入他安息的应许,就当畏惧,免得我们中间,或有人似乎是赶不上了。因为有福音传给我们,像传给他们一样。只是所听见的道与他们无益,因为他们没有信心与所听见的道调和。

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Have you ever wondered why there’s so much trouble in this world? Why are people so antsy? Where does all this anger come from? Why is everyone shouting? Why, indeed!

One of my favourite subjects back in my school days was physics. And one of the things you learn is that when you apply heat to a gas in a sealed container you increase the pressure, because the heat causes the gas molecules to fly around at greater and greater speeds, dramatically increasing the amount of times they collide with each other and the walls of the container.

Keep applying the heat and eventually you will, quite literally, blow the lid off. I wonder if that’s not what’s going on in our world today. So much pressure, so many arguments … that the lid’s been blown off.

God’s promised to turn the pressure down, He’s promised us His peace and His rest but too many have rejected it.

Hebrews 4:1,2 And we still have the promise that God gave those people. That promise is that we can enter his place of rest. So we should be very careful that none of you fails to get that promise. Yes, the good news about it was told to us just as it was to them. But the message they heard did not help them. They heard it but did not accept it with faith.

So many, most, have rejected the Good News of Jesus. Look around. How well’s that working out for the world, do you think? Do you want to take the pressure down in your life? Accept the message, draw close to Jesus, enter His place of rest.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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