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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: More Than Enough

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It’s an uncomfortable truth, but while the wealthy west continues in its quest for comfort and personal fulfilment, the poor in the third world are dying. Over 25,000 every day. That’s one every three and a half seconds. In the time that it takes most of us to go out for a coffee, almost 500 of the poor will have died. Join Berni Dymet in this confronting series – More than Enough – as he takes a look at poverty from A Different Perspective.

Episode 1. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

I’ve been asked this week to talk about a very special subject. It’s a subject that I know is very dear to Gods heart, it’s a subject that’s having a devastating impact on the …

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Episode 2. God's Heart for the Poor

A few years back I was sitting having lunch at a conference I was attending just outside Bangalore in India. At the table were myself, a colleague from Canada, Barb and a young man from Bangladesh, …

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Episode 3. An Abundance Mentality

As early as I can remember, back as a child, my parents taught me to save. You see they were emigrants from Europe after World War 2 and they remembered what it was like to be hungry. They wanted …

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Episode 4. A Memorial Before God

In this world people seem to worship 3 things. Firstly we worship money, we do and all the things that it can buy. A recent study of Australian 10-13 year olds revealed that 80% considered wealth and …

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Episode 5. Think, Feel, Speak, Act

I want to share something with you today that I struggled with over a good many years; it’s something that God had to deal with in me. A few years back, the Church I attended used to collect …

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Berni Dymet

Rob, we all want to be good stewards of what God has given us and there are many stories that you hear of people giving, for example, to disaster relief, only to discover that the money went in a different direction or ended up sitting in a bank account without being distributed. Personally I investigate the ministries that I support to ensure that the funds are being well spent. So, ask questions and satisfy yourself that this ministry that you want to support, that you feel led by God to support, is what it says it is and does what it says it does with your money. Blessings, Berni

Rob Messmer

Hey Bernie
Love what you’ve been sharing BUT how do we give and know that our money will get to where it needs to go. Thought you might be a help in this area. Where. Whats the address?

Brenda Harvey

Thanks for these messages Berni. My heart says Amen to all that you are sharing this week. Your messages are encouraging me to want to give even more as I understand more clearly God’s heart for the poor and needy. My husband and I have seen time and time again that God’s generosity to us encourages us to be even more generous to those in need both near and far. I believe that God calls his people to be open handed and open hearted to those in need around us. Blessings to you. Brenda