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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Eliminating Stubborn Sin Once and for All (1)

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Just about each one of us has one particular sin – well, a stubborn sin, one that keeps coming back again and again, no matter how much we try to get rid of it in our lives. And many people have just given up – oh well, I’ll just have to live with it.But that’s not why Jesus died and rose again. He did that to set us free – free from every sin that would rob us of the life He has planned for us. In this series, Berni Dymet digs deep into God’s Word to discover how to eliminate stubborn sin – once and for all.

Episode 1. Sin is Common not Normal

Sometimes there’s one particular sin in our lives that we just can’t shake – it keeps coming back again and again to rob us of life. And so many of us – well, we just accept it. That’s the …

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Episode 2. A Way Out

There’s nothing worse than that feeling of being trapped. And so many people – whilst they may well believe in Jesus – are trapped by one particular sin that keeps coming back again and again. …

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Episode 3. Divine Power

You know over the years, I’ve tried fighting the devil with my own bare hands more often than I’d like to remember. And each time – each time mind you – no matter how strong I think I am, he …

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Episode 4. A Double-Sided Transcaction

Not sure if you’ve ever looked at it this way. But saying no to God is also saying yes to the devil. It’s a double sided transaction. And when it comes to overcoming stubborn sin – the sort …

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Episode 5. Replacing Bad with God

So often when the devil’s attacking us through that one stubborn sin that keeps coming back again and again in our lives – we’re on the back foot. We’re on the defensive. My hunch is that …

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Rob Messmer

Anger is my stubborn sin, while driving along one day behind some one doing 40 ks in a 60 zone,i was livid. The thoughts in my head were many but finished with “God i am surpposed to be a Christian what’s with all these thoughts”. Well you wouldn’t believe the thoughts that followed they went something like this. Maybe the person in front of you nearly had an accident just a short while ago, Maybe they are driving for the first time by them self, maybe there is something wrong with the car, maybe they are returning from a funeral, and the list went on, leaving me shrinking in my seat with my thoughts now apologizing to God for being so ( ) there’s a word that fits there some where. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else will be given unto you” Wisdom versus anger? The battle is not over but thanks be to God He has enlightened me a little more to prepare me for the next one. Thank you for the “Stubborn sin” episodes which have further enlightened me to push forward for the prize that one day awaits us.
Keep up the great work

Mitch Kautz

Abba Father, I thank you for the give and take. I have full faith in you and know whatever stands in my way you will give my the strength to accept and conquer.

For I sin but that’s not who I am. I will fight evil everyday, through action and through thought.

Thank you Lord, you are my rock and I will strive to bring good to this world.

Thank you Bernie. Every Sunday I listen to you and find total strength in these lessons and teachings.
It’s real life stuff and that why I relate.

My life is good Sir, but I know I can give more. You help me realize this and I would like to thank you.

The father, Son and the Holy Spirit is our boat in these rough seas.
I will strive everyday to use my paddle wisely and with godly characteristic.

God bless and thanks.

Mitch Kautz


You are an angel Berni. God bless you! “His power, not our strength can help us overcome our sin.” Thanks for reminding.


Thank you so much, this has been so helpful. I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently – ‘worry is sin’ yes! Thank you for such practical advice and such a clear understanding of how we overcome these with God.

Berni Dymet

Lio. Awesome!

lio alofaituli

Thank you so much for the practical advice – I really have wanted freedom for years but was stuck between the “do it myself” and the “couch potato” approach – with your insights and I’m experiencing real transformation and victory – thanks again.