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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Eliminating Stubborn Sin Once and For All (2)

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Just about each one of us has one particular sin – well, a stubborn sin, one that keeps coming back again and again, no matter how much we try to get rid of it in our lives. And many people have just given up – oh well, I’ll just have to live with it.But that’s not why Jesus died and rose again. He did that to set us free – free from every sin that would rob us of the life He has planned for us. In this series, Berni Dymet digs deep into God’s Word to discover how to eliminate stubborn sin – once and for all.

Episode 1. Overcoming Anger

It seems that these days, so many people are so angry. Maybe we’re working too hard. Maybe the pressure’s getting to us. Whatever it is – people’s anger has this habit of bubbling to the …

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Episode 2. Overcoming Sexual Immorality

We live in a world saturated with sexuality. Every other billboard. The TV. Even on the radio. And the sad “underbelly” of this so called sexual freedom is that many, many people are living with …

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Episode 3. Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

In a world we’re the advertising industry basically prescribes the formula for success – you’ll be successful if you buy this product, you know – so many people are finding that they just …

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Episode 4. Overcoming Selfishness

Selfishness is something we mostly see in other people, not ourselves. But if the truth be known – we’re all prone to being selfish – and that’s a condition that robs us of relationships, of …

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Episode 5. Overcoming the Flesh

So many people are wallowing in the effects of one stubborn sin or another in their lives and they want to be free of its effects – but actually they don’t want to do what they have to do, to be …

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Berni Dymet

Alexis, the more time you spend in God’s Word, reading and believing what He says about you, the more powerfully He will set you free from the scourge of low self esteem. The key is knowing what it is that he has to say about you and believing that! The place to start is Ephesians Chapters 1 to 3. Read those chapters and write down everything that it say about you, everything that God has given you and done for you. You’ll be amazed at how powerful this is. -Berni


I knew it could be a sin i am disappointed i have low self esteem its just people just always judge me and make me feel awful about myself i dont know why people cant understand it is hard to change something i am a Christian and i am proud to be i know i sun and i am always sorry i sin but i have a problem with feeling good about myself and i know we are gods beautiful creation and we shouldn’t change how god made us i just wish people can understand that and i dont get why


It hurts me to hear of so many people that are scarred by the negative and harsh words spoken over them. Words have a long lasting effect on our lives than we know. This video helps to raise awareness of the importance of speaking wisely and how to overcome the scars of verbal abuse.


Berni Dymet


I don’t at all mean it in a judgemental way, but if you read the whole text, what I am saying is that by definition, “sin” is anything that falls short of God’s ideal plan for our lives. The word “sin” in the New Testament literally means “to miss the mark”. My point in saying this is for anybody who is struggling with low self-esteem to realise that it is not God’s ideal for them and that by faith in Him, and in drawing close to Him, He is prepared to heal it all and set things right – just as with any other thing in our lives that “misses the mark”. We all have things like that in our lives – for some it’s pride and hubris, for others it’s at the opposite end of the scale. God is the God who heals all and forgives all. Berni


How can you really say low self esteem is a sin? I suffer from low self esteem and it’s because I have experienced a lot of verbal abuse. Everyday I ask God to open me up and help me express myself but its a struggle opening my mouth. I feel that my purpose in life is to help people because through the experiences I have been through I know what Gods compassion is and how people should be loved, respected, and helped. So in my case I do not feel it is a sin since I want to change and value myself. It’s like when a person is abused or raped it’s not their fault if they feel insecure because they have been through a terrible life event. In order for them to heal they have to go through all the emotions. Same thing with myself. I have to process all the bullying I went through. And rejection because of my personality.

Berni Dymet


It wasn’t an easy thing to say. But I mean it in the sense that sin by definition is falling short of God’s perfect plan. I don’t mean it as condemnation, simply as a wakeup call that God has something much better. And I think it’s important for you to get to the point of saying to yourself – “I have to stop feeling sorry for myself”. That’d be a huge breakthrough.

Had someone write in and call me a Pharisee over this. Not sure they got the point the way you have.

God wants to set you free from low self esteem. It’s one of the reasons Jesus came for you. 🙂

Grace. Power. Love.

Bless ya



Hi Bernie, I appreciate your comments on the low self esteem issue as I am a sufferer! It’s a revelation to hear it is a sin, that means I might have to seriously my attitude and stop feeling sorry for myself! Regards Marg


Thanks for the commentary and advice. Hard to find something relevant these days. Had dabbled in porn before became a Christian, and before marriage. Then after 2 years of struggle came clean. But I am still tempted. Thankfully without sinning so far…. Finding fellow Christians to help with accountability is easier said than done. Thanks again R


I am Jasmin from Manila and I listen to your program over 98.7 every morning on my way to work. Thank you Berni for this message. I became a Christian two years ago and I come from a family of very independent and strong willed women where control and anger are ways for us to get people’s attention or cooperation and to get things done. This is very timely for me because I struggle when Anger is resorted to by family members. It breaks my heart when anger is released instead of just peacefully dealing with a situation or trusting Jesus. With your message I am more encouraged to talk to them about how to deal with Anger. You see, this is the norm in my family. I thought nothing of it because it was the environment I grew up in. Sadly, I was quick to anger too. But when I received Christ into my life two years ago and learning to live His ways I was humbled and brought down to my knees by the fact that to walk with Anger or choosing Anger to remedy things and situations is actually a disastrous walk. I found out I was misguided, unforgiving, impatient, controlling and untrusting of Jesus Christ. I didn’t know any better. Jesus showed this awful trait of mine and lovingly guided me to cure it, to seek Him instead of resorting to anger and to allow things to unfold because I have full trust in the Lord when it comes to my life and circumstances He brings me into. It is Jesus who is in control not I or my feelings. Now instead of resorting to anger, I step back, breathe in and out and pray. I immediately entrust the situation to the Lord and He tells me what to do. Though I am still a work in progress, there is peace in not walking in Anger and I love this inner peace. I have also resorted to forgiveness and love instead of keeping anger from past experiences. You are right. It is the enemy’s way of robbing us of our joy and this is not the life that God intended for you and me. I praise God for you and your work Berni. May God Bless you, your family and workforce. May you continue to share God’s word, grace and love. Thank you very much