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Series: Signs, Wonders and Miracles (1)

Do you believe in signs, wonders and miracles for today? The supernatural power of God disrupting the natural order of things by breaking into your, natural, mundane little old world today. It seems that people inevitably live at one of the two extremes in answering those questions. Absolutely NOT … or … ABSOLUTELY, 24/7 wall to wall miracles!! What’s the truth? Find out as Berni Dymet opens God’s Word to see what He has to say on … signs, wonders and miracles.

Episode 1. A Biblical Perspective on Miracles

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So question: do you believe in signs, wonders and miracles? Not just two thousand odd years ago in the Bible, I mean today, here, now, for you and for me. Signs, wonders and miracles, wow what a subject to be talking about. As we chug a lug on through our lives it’s not something we […]

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Episode 2. Water Into Wine

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Okay so the Jesus that we read about in the Bible was into miracles, fine, but His first public miracle, I mean would you really expect Him to go for turning water into wine? Couldn’t He have found something just a bit more appropriate? Okay, signs, wonders and miracles, they’re in the Bible. Are they […]

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Episode 3. The Nobleman’s Son

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So your child lies sick close to dying it seems, what do you do back in the first century where nothing that medicine can offer can possibly heal your child? Well you go and ask Jesus of course, don’t you? Most of us have a strained relationship with miracles. On the one hand God doesn’t […]

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Episode 4. The Paralytic

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Have you ever needed a miracle, a powerful, supernatural, miraculous intervention from God? And when you were in need did Jesus actually show up? I’m going to throw something out there today, something that might upset a few people but hey I’m going to throw it out there anyway. The reason we sometimes miss out […]

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Episode 5. Feeding the Five Thousand

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Ever been in that place where the money has run out or the foods run out or your energy has run out, whatever it is it’s just run out and you think to yourself ‘could Jesus ever show up in this place? Would He ever do a miracle for me?’ Some years ago I was […]

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Thank you Berni for this most timely and important series. There are times that I really feel and believe that God does not want us to have miracles, as though life should be boring and only the mundane.
NO, I am not for nor do I believe in the “prosperity gospel” or “name it and claim it”, but I do want to see and experience a more exciting life as the result of the power of God in and through my life. I look forward both to listening to the program on line, as well as reading the transcripts. THANK GOD FOR YOU, BERNI!!!

Berni Dymet

Great stuff Kath. All I can say is … AMEN!


Kath Wells

I think sometimes Jesus is testing people with his comments to them. Will they push through and beseech Jesus as their only option?

Kath Wells

I agree entirely Bernie… thanks for this. Have been challenged myself recently on ‘What price will I pay to see the lost saved, the sick healed.’ I am fasting to know the answer and to see a friend healed who has no medical answer… “He is able to do far more than we can think or imagine…” “Send forth your word to heal…” I cannot now be satisfied with powerless Christianity. Bless you!


So true! I’d want my answer to be a YES!! Before the doubts.


Funny this one answered my question from the last one, maybe why people kind if sweep healing uder the carpet a bit is bc they feel it’s too complex?


Then what happens when even the person totally sold out to believing they’ll be healed…isn’t? That always confuses me. My sister fought cancer for nearly two years, totally believing God would heal her, with so many others believing alongside her…but wasn’t, at least on this earth. True, she lasted more than the intial 3 months they thought she would…but yeah, that confuses me a lot. Is it possible to unbelieve whilst believing?


I love the way you put things! It is definately thought provoking. I have in the past been believing on behalf of family/friends for healing and am currently for my own health believing on a word of healing I have had recently. Although I know Jesus can definately heal, I keep wondering what is believing enough? I will find out tmw if the results support my belief. I dont even dare think they may not in case THATS unbelief lol.

Gretha Fourie

Thanx so much for reminding me. I at this point can do with such a miracle in my life!!! Thank you so much,


this was very very encouraging. yes, it is so easy in the mundane things of life to forgot that Jesus is not just willing but also anxious to intervene in exceptional ways.

P V Ariel

good to be here again.
I just heard the message,
Thank you very much for the wonderful presentation.
A much confused subject, but you presented it in a
convincing way, thanks again. Waiting for the next part.
May God Bless.
Philip Ariel

Pat Joy

It’s not just Australians who don’t like the EV type of evangelism, I’m English and I can’t stand it. Trouble is I live in Ukraine and the only GOD channels I can get are nearly all this type of Evangelism, or the type that tells you that if you don’t belong to His church, you aren’t a Christian.

That’s why I get so many devotionals on line. If I don’t agree with the person writing the devotional I can tell them without being condemned.

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