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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Kom Ons Draai ‘n Bietjie Terug

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Psalm 100:4,5 Gaan sy poorte binne met dankliedere, sy tempel met lofsange, dank Hom, prys sy Naam, want die Here is goed, aan sy liefde is daar geen einde nie, sy trou duur van geslag tot geslag.

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Kom Ons Draai ‘n Bietjie Terug

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When you’re travelling down a rocky road, when life is more down than up, the reality is that even the kindest and most encouraging things that someone has to say to you somehow miss the mark … somehow fail to sink in.

Over the course of this week we’ve been chatting about the ups and downs of life and how best to respond to them, particularly the downs.

And I guess if I were to draw together what we’ve learned so far, it comes down to three things. Firstly, honour God in all you do, do it all for Jesus, no matter how tough life gets. Secondly, God is on this journey with you, yearning to comfort and save you. And thirdly, you can have an attitude of gratitude no matter what because His faithful love endures forever.

Now, I can say those things and chances are, if you’re going through a tough time, those powerful truths will be like water off a duck’s back. But when God says those things through His Word, there is a power there that will penetrate deep into the heart that aches in a way that the words of man could never do. So here it is, from God to you:

Psalm 100:4,5 Come through the gates to his Temple giving thanks to him. Enter his courtyards with songs of praise. Honour him and bless his name. The LORD is good! There is no end to his faithful love. We can trust him forever and ever!

Whatever ails or assails you, may His Word cause your spirit to soar; may the life-changing truth of God’s faithful love in this moment, for eternity, bring a deep joy to your heart.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.