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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Along the Path of Goodness

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Proverbs 12:28 Along the path of goodness there is life; that is the way to live forever.

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Time and again, studies have found that companies that experience long term success typically operate within a sound moral framework – their honest dealings and decency to their employees and customers, and so on.

Back in the days when my business partners and I – all former military officers – began our IT consulting firm, we appointed the oldest, wisest and most senior among us as the chief executive.

And right from the beginning, he made it clear that the principle that would underpin all that we did was that we would always give advice in the best interests of our clients, even when that advice wasn’t in our own commercial interests.

I wasn’t a Christian back then, so this moral framework took a bit of getting used to. But it turned out to be the cornerstone of our success. Our clients trusted us, which generated more new business both with them and through their referrals.

Bottom line: goodness breeds success. That shouldn’t come as any surprise. It’s an idea that’s as old as the hills:

Proverbs 12:28 Along the path of goodness there is life; that is the way to live forever.

Along the path of goodness, of righteousness, of a moral uprightness, that’s where we’ll find life – real life, eternal life. Why? Because God is the God of goodness. He is the God of righteousness. And when we live that sort of life, we’re living it in His image.

Reality check: how’s your moral framework these days? Where’s your moral compass leading you? Because … along the path of goodness there is life; that’s the way to live forever.

And that’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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