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The Good Shepherd

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Luke 19:9,10 He said, “Today is the day for this family to be saved from sin. Yes, even this tax collector is one of God’s chosen people. The Son of Man came to find lost people and save them.”

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The Good Shepherd

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Question: did Jesus come to this earth for you? Or do you perhaps have the sense that there are a whole bunch of others more deserving of His attention, His sacrifice, than you? Come on, did Jesus come for you?

The main job of a shepherd is to keep his sheep safe and make sure that they have enough food and water. For centuries, all around the world, that’s been the job description.

The crazy thing is that he would risk his life to save one stupid sheep from wild animals, or robbers, or perhaps when it had fallen down a cliff and was perched precariously on a ledge. That’s hard for us to fathom but there you go – this has been going on since humanity first started herding sheep. So a good shepherd is one who’s prepared to lay down his life for his sheep.

Jesus was once dining with a bunch of sinners at the home of Zacchaeus, a tax collector.

Luke 19:9,10 He said, “Today is the day for this family to be saved from sin. Yes, even this tax collector is one of God’s chosen people. The Son of Man came to find lost people and save them.”

He’s alluding there to this idea of the good shepherd who goes and finds the lost sheep. People didn’t expect Him to do that. They criticised Him for hanging out with these sinners.

And it’s hard for us to fathom too, but there you go – Jesus has been doing precisely that for millennia. He still is.

I never thought of myself as “lost”. In fact, if someone had labelled me “lost”, I’d have been deeply offended. But somehow, deep down, I knew –  we all do.  We just don’t want to admit it.

The Son of Man came to find the lost and save them. Jesus

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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Ethan Crawshaw

Hi Allen,
Our prayers are with you and your son. God is good and I’m praying that your son will be able to remember that and hold firm.
God Bless.

Stephanie Pawlowicz

Thank you for your encouragement and on air programs. Sometimes it is just what I need.
I try to encourage people with my photos 📷attached to scripture (I use you version).
Have a blessed day

Annatjie Botha

What a privilege to know my Shephard, Jesus Christ the Son of Almighty God.

Thanks to God for His Fresh Word that I receive from you, whch is always new everyday .

Carry on the GOOD work, which I can share it with others.

Guadalupe Spalker

It’s so true Jesus came to rescue all who were lost and had a need.

Allen Adams

My 21 year old son is backslidden. I believe he’s a lost sheep that Jesus is going to save. I’m trusting and hoping this to be true.



Carol Carlini

I love your short heart filled messages. Thank you.

Marijke Goethals

Thank you so much for this.
Just what i needed

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