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शांति के लिए कार्य करना

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याकूब 3:18 और मिलाप कराने वालों के लिये धामिर्कता का फल मेल-मिलाप के साथ बोया जाता है॥

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शांति के लिए कार्य करना

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The main reason that we find ourselves in conflict situations is that we want one thing, and the other person wants quite the opposite. It’s a well-worn path, the one that leads toward conflict.

Pride, ego, selfishness, work together in a murky swill that clouds our judgement. We dig our heels in, the other party does the same and … boom, there you have it. Conflict.

You’d think we’d have learned by now how not to go down that road and yet here we are. So, time to learn to take a different road:

James 3:18 People who work for peace in a peaceful way get the blessings that come from right living.

An interesting concept, that … working for peace in a peaceful way. Imagine just for a moment if instead focussing on a win, we were to focus on creating peace.

Now, the best sort of peace is a win/win. It’s amazing how often conflict arises out of a simple misunderstanding – two people coming at the same issue from different perspectives. Many a time I’ve seen people argue over an issue, saying the same thing in different ways, in what I call violent agreement. Win/win is the best sort of peace.

But sometimes peace will cost you. Sometimes, one party has to give in so the other can win. And often, in humility, that ain’t such a bad thing. However things play themselves out though, remember this:

People who work for peace in a peaceful way get the blessings that come from right living.

Being the peacemaker can be hard, it can be painful, it can involve loss – not always, but sometimes. And yet God’s heart is to bless the peacemaker.

That’s His Word. Fresh … for you … today.