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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks


Would you like to have instant access to FRESH? It’s a daily 3-minute eDevotional to help you get deeper into God’s Word and closer to Jesus. / 您愿意得到及时的《清纯新鲜》吗?那是一份每天三分钟的电子灵修,可以帮助您更深的领受上帝的话语并更亲近耶稣。

Each devotion will have a powerful Scripture verse, together with some words of inspiration, hope and encouragement delivered as a daily email to the inbox on your smartphone, tablet or computer. / 每段灵修将有充满能力的经文,伴随着带有启发,盼望与激励的话语以一份电子邮件的方式每天传送到您手机,平板或电脑的邮箱中。

You can listen to the audio or read the text. It’s completely up to you. / 您能够以语音聆听或以文字阅读。完全由您决定。

It’s all about helping you hear from God so that you can live in a rich, dynamic, powerful relationship with Jesus. / 这都是为了帮助您听到上帝的话语以便让您生活在一个充满了有耶稣同在既丰盛,又充满朝气与能力的关系中。

God’s Word. Fresh, for you, each day. / 上帝的话语。《清纯新鲜》,每一天,赐予您。

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You will find some of the recent FRESH devotions further down on the page … and then please complete the below form to subscribe today. / 您可以在此页的下面找到一些近期的《清纯新鲜》灵修 … 然后请填写下方的表格,今天就来订阅。