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A Stroll on the Lake

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John 6:19,20 They rowed the boat about three or four miles. Then they saw Jesus. He was walking on the water, coming to the boat. They were afraid. But he said to them, “Don’t be afraid. It’s me.”

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A Stroll on the Lake

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Whether we like it or not, storms blow in our lives – sometimes when we least expect them, sometimes when we’re at our most vulnerable. And yet Jesus has this habit of being there for us, right there in the middle of the storm.

Imagine this for a moment: You’re out on a lake in a small boat. A huge storm blows in and the boat starts pitching so badly that it looks like sinking and your chances of survival in this stormy sea are slim indeed. You’re in fear of your life.

And while all this is going on, you look out and, incredibly, you see someone out for a stroll – not along the shoreline, no, – out on the lake!! This someone is walking on water. Now that gets the adrenalin pumping at double time.

John 6:19,20 They rowed the boat about three or four miles. Then they saw Jesus. He was walking on the water, coming to the boat. They were afraid. But he said to them, “Don’t be afraid. It’s me.”

But then He gets into your boat and with a single command from His mouth, the storm ceases. Unbelievable!

Now we can argue about whether or not that actually ever happened. I, for one, believe with all my heart that Jesus did walk on that lake and that He did still the storm.

The question is though, does it still happen today? When you’re out in your small boat on this big ocean called life and the storm blows in, does Jesus come out and get into your boat and calm your fears? Maybe that’s more to the point.

I’ve been through some shockers in my life but one day He walked out through the storm and stepped into my boat. Life hasn’t been the same since. Peace. Jesus.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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Hannah Seymour

I love this story. It is a continual confirmation for me.

You asked the question do I believe this can still happen today…100% I know it does. No one could ever convince me that I didnt hear His voice speak to me, it wasnt audible but while sitting ‘all alone’ in the ICU waiting room to see my son, who was in a coma. This was four years ago. His voice clearly dropped into my spirit. “Im in your boat”, instantly taking away the fear, anxiety, uncertainty I had been feeling.

I cannot explain the overwhelming peace – it was supernatural. It’s not a peace you can strive for, it immediately took my burden away. I had those words engraved in a bracelet to continue to remind me. I have shared this testimony at a lady’s function in the hope of encouraging others that He still walks on water! It was incredible at the time, and leaves me feeling incredibly loved, that He is with me in my boat. I have nothing to fear.

Mary Adamo

Amen! Praise the Lord that He is able to calm the storm. When life seems too hard, too difficult too stressful, we can ask Jesus to help, and believe that He will sends us the help we need. Even that small still voice that says, “I will never leave you or forsske you, I am with you always’. In our dark hour, let us turn our eyes to our Lord Jesus, who loves us and let us claim the promise Jesus gave when He said, “Be of good cheer, for I have overcome thr world”; “My peace I give unto you, my peace I leave with you.”

Only, in Christ Jesus is there true peace, and the wonderful thing is that God loved the world, and sent His Son Jesus so that whomsoever beliveth in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life. Glory, praise, and honour to God Almighty. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Good day
Many a times Jesus got into my boat and calmed the storm that was about to overwhelm me. I give Him all the glory and all the praise. Know HIM in ALL your plannings and doings and no weapon againts you will prosper. Lots of blessing and Jesus’ love.

Connie Rosario

I have seen doors open for me that seemed locked for good. I have seen paths open up when there was none. I have heard Jesus tell me to do something that should have been impossible. I have seen my disabled husband give up his cane, glorify God, and get baptised. I have given away so much and received so much more. I have narrowly, miraculously, escaped predators. Jesus is my Saviour, my Friend, my King.


Hi there,

I can confirm that the LORD does walk on the lake, and everytime we are out in the storm, we can call on the LORD to calm the sea. But, sometimes we have to trust the LORD and walk on the waters to Him. This happens only then when we realise that HE is always there.

My son was out on a fishing competition about 4 miles from the harbour. It was starting to get dark when the boat’s hull was ripped off. The boat started taking water from the back of by the engines. The wind came up and the water started getting rough. They called mayday, and there was no response as the control room couldn’t locate them. All things started going through their minds and they started to panic.

For 15 minutes they tried to make contact with the water seeping into the boat. My son and the skipper were getting anxious, and they started to pray. From nowhere, another boat who was alot smaller than theirs appeared, and this is where the LORD took control, and they were pulled back to the harbour by a boat much smaller than theirs, and with just the deck of the boat still intact.

The most amazing part is that they could praise GOD, and could share this miracle with their fellow fishermen. So trust GOD to make a way where there is no way. Kind regards Fia

Henry Davies

Thanks for your unbelievable words about Jesus walking on water . But if He raises Lazarus from the dead back to life . Brought Us to believe in Jesus Christ as our Saviour !
In The Bible NIV John chapter 3 v27 John the Baptist says “ a man can receive only what is given him from heaven .
Keep us I pray in the hope and faith of Jesus Christ ! The Son Of God !.
Amen 🙏 .

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