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More than Enough

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John 6:9 “Here is a boy with five loaves of barley bread and two little fish. But that is not enough for so many people.”

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More than Enough

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Have you ever felt as though enough is never enough? What if I told you that in Christ, you have more than enough? And not just for yourself – more than enough to impact this world with His love, in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine. What if, hmm?

For the first half of my life, I was the kind of guy who worked incredibly hard to earn lots of money, so that I could keep it all to myself … or at least spend it on myself. But strangely, I never seemed to have enough. I always needed more.

I remember hearing about “Christians” who gave one tenth of their income to their church, and thinking, “What a bunch of loonies!”

But I have to confess, I’ve done a complete turnaround. Why? What would cause this greedy man to start thinking about giving at least some of it away?

There was a time when Jesus had been speaking to a large crowd of several thousand people in a field and, not surprisingly, by late afternoon they were hungry. There was no food out in the field but this young boy offered up a couple of fish and few loaves of bread.

John 6:9 “Here is a boy with five loaves of barley bread and two little fish. But that is not enough for so many people.”

Now think about it. They were out in the middle of nowhere and this was all that the lad had to eat. Yet he gave it away so that others could be fed, not realising what Jesus would do with his small, but to him costly, offering.

Jesus went on to bless the boy’s sacrifice and with it fed the whole crowd.

That’s something He’s still doing today. He takes what we give, blesses it, multiplies it and feeds a crowd so large that we can’t even begin to imagine.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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Christiana John

Fresh for today is very much an inspiration to my spiritual growth

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