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Oh My God (OMG)

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Psalm 22:1 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from helping me, from the words of my groaning? (NRSV)

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Oh My God (OMG)

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The fourth of the Ten Commandments is pretty straightforward. “You shall not use the name of the Lord your God in vain.” And yet, over and over I see it happening, even amongst God’s own people. Why is that?

Somehow the juggernaut of reality television keeps on rolling, and people keep watching it.

Have you ever watched one of those makeover shows where they do an instant makeover of a room or garden, or even a whole house over a weekend, having whisked the owner away on some false pretence so they wouldn’t know it was happening? And then they bring the owner back with the spotlights and cameras focussed on them to capture their reaction.

What do they say nine times out of ten? Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God. All for a room, or a garden or a house even. Oh My God!

And my heart aches for them as I think to myself, “If only you knew what you were saying. If only you knew that when you utter those words, they’re the very words of God.”

Psalm 22:1
My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from helping me, from the words of my groaning? (NRSV)

Those were the very words that Jesus cried out as He hung on the cross, and suffered and died that excruciating death for you and me.

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

And when you and I cry them out in God’s direction, it touches Him so deeply that there are no words to describe what He feels. There are no words to explain the depth of His love for us as He sees us suffering. Make no mistake.

Oh my God.

These are precious words. Don’t use them in vain. That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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Henry Davies

Only once did I shout “Oh My God “ please help me. It was when my Land Rover run off the hill with my 3 year old daughter in it , ( I’m getting a bit emotional again ,it was 11 -4-97 ) I had never been so glad to hear my girl crying. Took her to hospital for a check up , not a scratch on her . I Thanked God every footstep as I walked back to the house . I pray God be with every one who seeks you this day, amen
Thanks Henry

Troy Gaudino

Are you aware the fourth commandment is the Sabbath? The third commandment is not taking the Lord’s name in vain. The Catholics have this at number two.


Life certainly tests us and it really, really does.
Having been taken for a ride and endured the trauma as well as the mental health attacks .’
I know exactly what it feels like to be in that deep really deep depressed state and the nights became day far too quick, all I wanted to do was sleep.
Holding on to my own Faith and I am so glad that I did because now I have a relationship with God and I have received Jesus Christ into my heart as my LORD and SAVIOR.
I know that God hears everything and that it says in His word that there are false prophets and sincere prophets of God and that God is being preached but it’s Jesus that is the way, the truth, the life.’
A lot of people love God and believe in God but they don’t ever talk about Jesus and I always believed in God and I know that Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel are both mentioned in the Holy Bible NLV.
I used to look to my archangel oracle cards UNTIL I DISCOVERED JESUS and I threw my cards into the garbage bin and no longer read horoscopes or study people’s star signs .
Love was always the source for me and I talk about me not in a selfish way either because I know what it’s like to forget about me too you know and to serve other people and I have done that all of my life and was still hated and called a liar a drama queen an attention seeker oh the list goes on and on and now I walk with Jesus and my enemies are carrying on and trying to pretend that I’m just having a psychotic episode or that I am selfish and not taking care of my children’s education .
Guess What?
People can ramble on and on about ME and even try to charge me with neglect because my children are not attending school regularly but then they impose other laws which have us written down as being a child abuser because we force our child into the car and take them to school crying and if we dare put a hand on our child to get them into their school uniform , well that’s child abuse too!
As an adult if we have some big major break up issues going on and a triggering of our PTSD going on and in the midst of that we really and truly are absolutely certain we’ve experienced God in our mist!
everything is chaotic and well being still more flesh , we yell and swear too because the only time that we get to deal with ourselves is when our children are at school and when that’s interrupted we are frazzled and that is very normal if you’re human .
Also how about all the people that ring up child safety services and spout malicious accusations about us like they have done about me and have us invaded in our homes by a policewoman and a policeman and child safety workers and the pair from the mental health crisis team, just the way that they did to me.
What a cruel and nasty and mean lot of people who go out of their way to attack a mother like they have done to me and for all kinds of reasons that are not real.’
The world is in a mess but look around closer to home and it’s truly bad .
In my case I will not bow down to those who hate me and protest that I have done this and that and try in vain to destroy my spirituality because they are bitter and oh well let them be because I am all loved up with God and only because of His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit.’
Nothing and no one can or ever will conquer Jesus, and He lives through us with His Holy Spirit and with God before us who dare be against us!
When talking about ME it’s an example that I give for I have only lived in this body and this whole person and not any other.
It’s a projection , it’s to help people see that bullies use the mental health system to surround and crowd their victims and they control us through their drug therapies like puppets on strings .
I RISE NOW FROM VICTIM TO VICTOR and we can all do the same .
Nobody is any more special than the next person and we all have gifts and talents so why BULLY US WHO are truly SPIRITUALLY gifted but instead of serving ourselves we choose to serve God with our gifts for we do have a choice .’
If you read books , you’ll read about PSYCHIC and it’s mentioned in a book titled raising girls and it’s our senses and girls are more psychic it’s not something spooky .
It is real.
Extra Sensory Perceptions are REAL too!
People are born clairvoyant or clairaudient and there are other clair’s too but our vision and hearing are the two major senses that we use all the time .
I focus on those two.’
Gods word talks about VISION all the time and HEARING through our SPIRITUAL EARS.
It’s all the same it’s just worded differently but God’s word is the TRUTH so I gave my gift to God because I got sick and tired of trying to explain to psychiatrists and psychologists and family and friends and community service workers and not even Christians could help ME around here but THANK OUR GOD AND OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN FOR : Dr Myles Munroe, Joel and Victoria and Johnathon Osteen, JOYCE MEYER OH thank you God for these great ambassadors of your word and Dr Myles Munroe is in Heaven with God and his sermons are still very impactful today and they fit into today’s world and what’s been happen especially with the pandemic .

I have had a lot to say and this comment space , I am thankful for each day because FRESH always makes me think and Thanksgiving to you God also for Berni Dymet and Christianity Works and I overflowing with gratitude .
In Jesus name Amen.

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