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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Pray for Lives to be Transformed

April Prayer Focus

The Word of God is alive + active … which is why even just a single verse of Scripture has the power to change a life.

And changed lives are what the ministry of Christianityworks is all about – seeing your life transformed by the Good News of Jesus and the lives of so many others like this man from rural Ethiopia who wrote to us recently (name withheld for security reasons) …

I come from a Muslim family. My English teacher lived near my house. When I walked to school we met on the road. He told me that Al-Mesh Isa (Jesus) is our Saviour. He said we must believe in Him to receive eternal life. He invited me to listen to your radio program. I started listening that day and I decided to receive Jesus as my personal Saviour.

Wow … that’s why your prayer again this month is so important. Because when we pray for lives to be changed, we are in fact joining hands with God to see His will done here on this earth.

So here are some specific prayer points that we have no doubt the Lord will answer. Thank you for praying with so many others across the globe. 

      • Pray that the Easter Specific messages that we prepared and broadcast in March and early April will live on in the hearts of those who received them … bubbling away under the surface and setting their lives on a new course for the glory of God.
      • Give thanks for God’s provision through the ‘Easter Outreach Mission’ Appeal with so many friends and supporters stepping up to enable messages of salvation to go to air around the globe. Ask God to bless and protect those who support Christianityworks sacrificially, to help others hear about Jesus.
      • Pray for James Kanaganayagam in Virginia, USA who heads up Christianityworks’ International Ministries team. Ask the Lord to bless him, Shevanthi and his children and open many more doors through him, that the Gospel may be presented in a clear and compelling way in many more languages and cultures across the globe.
      • Pray for the many people who are suffering through the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those who are shut-in and isolated. Ask that God will find a way for the love of Christ to enter their homes and hearts through traditional and digital media, both through Christianityworks and the many other faithful and godly media ministries that our Lord has anointed to bring the good news to the lost and hurting.
      • Pray especially for our leadership team this month as they compile and assess the many opportunities open to Christianityworks to extend the reach and impact of the Gospel in new countries, new languages, new cultures. There are always way more opportunities than we’re able to pursue. Help Christianityworks’ leaders discern what God is doing (John 5:19) as they evaluate and set priorities as the basis of next financial year’s budget (which will begin on the 1st of July for Christianityworks). 
      • Pray for Talia, one of our team members in Cape Town South Africa who is doing life incredibly tough at the moment on a personal front. Ask the Lord to comfort her and give her supernatural strength and wisdom as He leads her graciously through this wilderness experience.  
      • Give thanks for the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as the Christianityworks team produces fresh and timely Bible teaching messages and material to be used of God to touch and transform countless more lives. Ask Him in particular to spark even more creativity than ever before, in making innovative use of the many traditional and digital media opportunities that He has set before us to reach the lost with the many-splendoured love of Jesus.

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Now, We would also love to pray for you …

That’s what PowerfulPrayer.org is all about!

Why “Powerful Prayer”? Because the only sort of prayer the Bible teaches about is the sort that has powerful results!!

Just post your prayer request on the site (only the first letter of your Christian name and your country will be displayed) and all of a sudden, you’ll have the Christianityworks Global Prayer Army interceding on your behalf!!

And for each prayer request that you post, please … pray for at least 3 other people and leave 1 encouraging comment.

Check it out. Remember, the only sort of prayer the Bible teaches about is the sort that has powerful results!