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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Delays, Delays, Delays

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Habakkuk 2:3 For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. (ESV)

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Can I ask you to think back to the last time your plans were delayed, frustrated. How did you feel? How did you react? What did you say to God, hmm?

Have you ever noticed how things don’t always fall into place exactly when you want them to? You have your heart set on something good, but it gets delayed again and again. It’s so frustrating!

And yet … I don’t know about you, but as I look back on my life I can see how time and time again, I was wanting to run ahead of God. When I’d just become a Christian and I was in Bible College I was so fired up, so ready to get out there and start doing things for God … or so I thought.

But God wasn’t ready and to tell you the truth, in hindsight, neither was I. It was eight years before He’d made the changes in me that He needed to make, before He released me into doing what I’m doing right now. Eight years can feel like an incredibly long time when you’re all fired up. But then, God’s timing is always perfect.

Habakkuk 2:3 For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. (ESV)

You and I, we can’t see the big picture. We want things to go this way or that now. Right … now!! But we don’t understand the trials that He needs to lead us through to get us ready.

God does have a plan for our lives, yours and mine. It’s a good and perfect plan and His timing will be absolutely impeccable. Just be patient. It will surely come.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.

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Alexander Gadallah


You nailed it for me today! I have been unemployed for about a month and still am, however, it’s always God’s timing! Of course I want now, but He will be ready when it is the right time for Him. Thank you for this reading!

Rebecca Hennon

I very much appreciate the audio, also. I look forward to hearing Berni’s inspirational and uplifting voice every morning, especially now as I am very ill. Thank you so much for your Good Works and God Bless!


it seems God wants to tell me something today, as Habbakuk 2 was the scripture He gave me this morning 🙂
I am not a very patient person, but at the moment I’m not really “waiting ” for something….I will have to ponder this, maybe there’s something else…..

Trisha Trimble

Agree with this statement. We find Bernies words and voice comforting.


I agree.

Julie Kirkegard

My eyesight is really bad and I depend On your audio.
Could you please put some old ones on so we can at least have audio
I give monthly and have been a listener for many, many years. Please put some audio back on.
May the Lord give you the resources you require and expand your borders, so you can cover the world. That is my daily prayer for you.
May God bless you,

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