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Feeding the Poor

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Mark 9:37 Whoever accepts children like these in my name is accepting me. And anyone who accepts me is also accepting the one who sent me.

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Feeding the Poor

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We’ve all seen the terrible images of people, children included, in those refugee camps – many of them sick and dying. In fact, we’ve seen it so often that we’ve given up on them. We’ve decided that we can’t possibly make a difference.

This may come as a shock to you, but the average household spends more on pet food than it does helping the poor

Every day, over 25,000 children die in poverty. Every, single, day! In the couple of minutes that we’ll spend together today, around forty-five children will die.

It’s true. You and I can’t change the world; all the injustices, all the poverty, all the wars, all the deprivation. Not even close. But I’ll tell you this … we can change one or two lives, or five or six, or nine or ten.  

But, but … so many of these charities waste the money.

Perhaps some do. Yet people go to extraordinary lengths these days to have well-balanced investment portfolios, spreading their funds across stocks, real estate, cash and so on. They investigate the markets, the companies, the returns and make their decisions to maximise their returns.

So what if we did exactly the same thing with our giving portfolios? No, I’m not talking about loose change. I’m talking about a sacrificial investment in the health, the wellbeing, the education, and the salvation of the poorest of the poor in this world. Jesus said,

Mark 9:37 Whoever accepts children like these in my name is accepting me. And anyone who accepts me is also accepting the one who sent me.

As you think about your finances for the year ahead … well, how about it? What does your giving portfolio look like? What child’s life can you help change?

Those kids matter to Jesus. A lot. And you can impact them for eternity through your generosity.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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