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Walking in Newness of Life

Romans 6:3,4 And just as Christ was raised from death by the wonderful power of the Father, so we can now live a new life.

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Walking in Newness of Life

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So, did Jesus really rise from the dead, or was it all a plot, a scam concocted by those hapless disciples of His? What does the evidence say? Let’s take a look.

Seductive, glossy advertisements all promise us a new life. Take this holiday and you’ll feel like a new person. Buy this moisturiser and you’ll be a new person. You know the routine. But it doesn’t matter how much we spend, we’re never going to be a new person. It’s all a scam.

A couple of thousand years ago in what today we call Israel, a carpenter from Nowheresville was nailed to a cross. A few days later, the stone to His tomb was rolled away and hundreds reported seeing Him alive.

One possibility is that it was all a scam. Perhaps His disciples stole the body. Yet over the next few decades, each one of those disciples was beaten and killed for proclaiming that Christ was risen. A scam? I don’t think so. Another possibility was that the authorities took the body, but rumours of a resurrection was something they didn’t want or need. There’s a third possibility; He’s actually alive – I’m going with that one, not just because it seems the most plausible explanation (which by far it is!) but because I know it’s true. How do I know?

Romans 6:4 And just as Christ was raised from death by the wonderful power of the Father, so we can now live a new life.

Literally, Paul writes in the original Greek, “so that we might walk in newness of life”. How do I know that Christ is risen? Because for the last quarter of a century I’ve been walking in that newness of life. And it is, quite simply, awesome.

A fresh start. A new life.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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Diana lopez

I surely believe that he is risen. I am a living miracle due to his loving kindness I have been brought back from the brink a few time.Another thing is that our Lord said he was being resurrected and if He said it then it was true,

Irene Harshaw,

Good Morning blessings to all i have been enjoying the daily 📚 and forwarding God’s Handiwork to all . i am just a nobody trying to tell somebody and. Everybody about our God’s Grace and Mercy and that’s our duty to introduce. Our sisters abd brothers to our Heavenly Father. I will continually pray and praise and give ALL the Honor and Glory and Praise it belongs to Him. Thank you for helping me to stay focus .My love and prayers going forth to all we ate safe and bless in Jesus name Ame Thank you