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Honour Everyone

1 Peter 2:17 Show respect for all people. Love your brothers and sisters in God’s family. Respect God and honour the king.

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Honour Everyone

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Question: How do you treat people you don’t like, people you don’t agree with, people you don’t respect? How do you respond to them?

God tells us to do some crazy things. Really He does. Take this one for instance:

1 Peter 2:17 Show respect for all people. Love your brothers and sisters in God’s family. Respect God and honour the king.

God, you have to be kidding right? Look at the politicians running my country. I don’t agree with them on, well … on anything really. Look at the pastor of my church. That guy couldn’t preach his way out of a wet paper bag. And the other people in my church – there are some real lunatics among that lot. God, you’re kidding right?

And yet, God comes along and says: respect everyone, love everyone, honour everyone. Seriously?

You see, here’s the mistake we make over and over again. We imagine that we have to agree with someone to honour them. We imagine that we have to like someone to honour; to respect someone to honour them.

And what God’s saying is: Not at all. Just honour them. Fear God. Honour the king.

Think about how God’s treated you and me for just one moment. Did He agree with the way we were living our lives? Did he like the way we were carrying on? Not at all. And yet, He honoured us despite all that, indeed because of all that, by sending Jesus to die for us. It cost Him everything to honour us, at a time when we were disagreeable to Him.

Some things are complicated. This one just isn’t. It’s so simple, even a child could get it.

Love everyone. Honour everyone.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.


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I agree

Francisca baclil

Thank you for reminding us again of our diversity, sometimes we forget with all the cares of this world,

Sharon Hrabovsky

Thank you!!! Love this!!!

Faith Mwaniki

Awesome Randy, I believe you’ll be blessed by it.

Randy L Taylor

So far it’s been good I just downloaded it

Faith Mwaniki

Thanks for getting back to us with your question, “Then how can we honour and still go to war against them?”

The Christian’s attitude to war has exercised theologians’ minds down the centuries and a great deal has been written on this subject.

If you look up “Christian Views on Warfare” on the internet, you will find many such articles.

I particularly like “What is the Christian Position on War?” by a well-known Sydney-based Anglican clergyman, Phillip Jensen.

It is concise and well-reasoned in my opinion. Jensen draws on a range of Bible passages in examining this question and looks at five stereotypes:

· the pacifist or dove
· the person of extreme violence
· the one who adopts a “not yet” posture
· the one who says “it’s time to act at last”, and
· the fence-sitter.

He does not believe that the Bible forbids our going to war (Ecclesiastes 3:8)

but obviously the circumstances must be dire to get to this point and much prayer is needed before any action is taken.

Those posing a mortal risk to our way of life and belief system have to be stopped, be it through the judiciary, the police or the military.

He tacitly identifies with the fourth stereotype who comes to the view that it’s time to act after much thought.

Jesus’ powerful command for us to love our enemies certainly must be honoured at the personal level.

It does not apply, however, during the conduct of warfare by nations or states but, again at the personal level,

prisoners of war must be well treated and mercy should be shown to a conquered nation (as in the example of General MacArthur’s humane treatment of the Japanese immediately after the official surrender).

Dolly Bowen

Then how can we honor and still go to war against them?

Dawn Castelucci

Very encouraging words will do

Esther Ellefson

Dear Berni, first of all, I am not in the habit of commenting on the many teachings that I have the privilege of reading or listening to videos. However I am taking this time to tell you how very much I appreciate your teachings. They’re very concise and thought provoking. Not to mention I love your accent which really keeps me interested. I am so very grateful for all your ministry is doing to reach this fallen world we are living in.
I pray our LORD and KING will continue to bless and provide for all your needs. God bless you my dear brother in Christ.


thank-you for that word of confirmation!!!

Joyce Mullen

It is so simple — love them, honor them. I really like your statement about Jesus honoring me when I was detestable to Him.

Berni Dymet

You are so welcome Stu!! 🙂👍🙌 [email protected]

Stu VanMeveren

Thanks for your FRESH word each morning.

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