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Imicabango Efihlekile

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Izaga 27:19 Njengasemanzini ubuso bubhekana nobuso ,injalo inhliziyo yomuntu kumuntu .

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Imicabango Efihlekile

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We all have a secret thought life. We think things that we don’t share with anyone else, even our closest confidant. And those secret thoughts, in point of fact, hold powerful clues in defining who we truly are.

It’s true, isn’t it? We mull things over like a cow chewing its cud. We think them through, turn them over, look at them from different angles and – now this is the key bit – we plan how we’re going to respond.

Sometimes those thoughts are good thoughts. One of the traits of effective leaders is that they visualise the future, their objectives, over and over again … and then, having on-sold that vision to those around them, lead their followers in that direction: the thought and the response. All good.

But sometimes our thoughts are bad thoughts. Thoughts of how people have hurt us, how unfair that was, how much it hurt … and then, of hatred and revenge. Again, the thought and the response. Not so good.

So, what secret thoughts have been occupying your thought life of late? Because …

Proverbs 27:19 Just as you can see your own face reflected in water, so your heart reflects the kind of person you are.

Those secret thoughts reflect what’s going on in your heart and the responses that they’ll generate – thought and response. So they actually reflect who we’ve become. And as we consciously, deliberately examine them, we might just discover that at least in part, who we’ve become is not who we want to be.  So, take stock of your secret thoughts, because … Just as you can see your own face reflected in water, so your heart reflects the kind of person you are.

That’s God’s Word. Fresh … for you … today.